Our Organization

We take pride in the unique differences that make up the Edge Hill team!
A distinguished factor in the development and ambition of Edge Hill Resources  has been the commitment and specialization of our team. We are a small, closely-knit group with independent skill but yet dependent on each other’s area of expertise to make it all work. We pride ourselves on our ability to operate nationally and execute at a high level while maintaining a family-like culture where lasting friendships are built on mutual respect and a share sense of accomplishment. Thanks to our diverse and highly skilled team, we possess the ability to perform virtually every aspect of our development in-house, tackle complex problems with ease and scale obstacles.

Business Relationships

We are on a journey, building relevant and lasting relationship as we go along. We have gained trusted partners with whom we have achieved significantly already. However, we keen on forging more mutually benefiting relationship with key customers – investors and customers, both locally and internationally.

We hope to gain the utmost confidence of our partners by further improving our abilities to come up with the right projects, in the right market, and at the right time.